Timesheet Approval

Advanced but simple time tracking.

The Approval Process

When a user submits a timesheet for approval the assigned approver will receive a notification that the timesheet is awaiting approval. The approver can review the timesheet for accuracy and can approve or deny the timesheet request. If the approver approves the request the status of the timesheet goes to approved. If the timesheet is rejected the timesheet status changes to rejected and the user can then make changes to adjust the timesheet.

Approval Notifications

When timesheets are approved, denied, or re-opened you can subscribe to email notifications that will let you know what happened. These notifications are on the user level so any user can subscribe to actions they need to know about.

The approval process

A timesheet can have five statuses. The screenshot below shows the process. More information on the approval process can be found in the Timogix Knowledge Base.
Approval process

timesheet approval process

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