Feature rich cloud software at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Time Tracking

Add time or expenses to any timesheet. Time can be added to billable or non-billable tasks. You define what projects and tasks users can log time against. Timers can also be started and stopped to help with accuracy of your time. With a straight forward design you can have your business tracking hours in no time.

Approval Process

When a user submits a timesheet you can approve or reject their timesheet. Based on your business process you can define who has the privileges to approve timesheets by user or client or both. Approval process can also include users outside your organization if needed. This is a typical scenario for staffing companies where their employees require approval from a client.


Want to know when a timesheet you manage has been submitted or approved? Email notifications keep you in the loop letting you know when someone you manage has submitted time. What notifications you receive are configurable so you only receive the notifications you need to know about.

Expense Tracking

Expenses can be added with the timesheet or separate from the timesheet. You define what process fits best for your business. Upload receipts, and then view and submit your expense report for approval. If you need a custom expense report that has your business look and feel? Just ask as we can customize something to fit your business look and feel.

Billing & Invoicing

Invoice your clients from time entries or free-form entry. You setup the hourly rates charged for users and projects and the invoice will be generated with the proper totals.


Most SAS applications charge from $10 to $30 and up for each user per month. We charge $3 per user per month. Full functionality, no gimics, no add-ons, no contracts, straight up $3 dollars.


Fully integrated with online QuickBooks allowing data flow to and from Timogix. If you use a different accounting system let us know and we can help faciliate a data import/export for you.


You define who can view and edit each client. Clients can have an unlimited number of projects and tasks to log time under. As each client and project can have different requirements such as how to bill, many settings are available to adhere to your business scenario.

Mobile Friendly

Designed for use in all major mobile devices and tablets. Look up Timogix in the Google Play or Apple store.


There are many different reports to choose from. Based upon your permission settings will determine what reports and data you will see. If you have a specific report that will help your business, let us know!

DCAA Compliance

Government contracts may require you to meet stringent requirements for time entry, approval, auditing, etc.. Let Timogix help with DCAA compliance.

PTO Tracking and Accrual

Accurately track PTO balances and accruals for all your employees. You setup the accrual levels and how they are allocated.

Start entering time now. Try it out for free. No credit card required.