PTO Tracking and Accrual

Advanced but simple time tracking.

PTO Tracking

Accurately track PTO (paid time off) accruals and balances for all your employees. You set the accrual levels that fit for your company and for one-off cases for individual users.Once an employee has been given PTO they can view their PTO balances in the benefits tab located in the my settings area. Also any approvers can see vacation balances of any users they can approve.

PTO Accrual Levels

You setup how much PTO each user gets and at what intervals. Three different levels can be defined for calculations. Also when the user receives the PTO (up front or accrued daily) can be set. The screenshot shows that this user receives 10 days of PTO per year for the first 3 years. Then after 3 years they receive 15 days of PTO per year. The current amount of PTO used and PTO balance is shown at the bottom.

See the Timogix Knowledge Base for more information.

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