Time and Expense Tracking

Advanced but simple time tracking.

Simple Expense Tracking

Billable and non-billable expenses can be added to any timesheet. Expenses follow the same approval processes as timesheets. When a timesheet is submitted for approval that has expenses, the approver will see the associated expenses and can make a decision to approve or deny the timesheet with expenses.

Expense Reporting

An expense report is available to drill-down on expenses, by date, client, or user. Expenses can also be pulled into invoices. When an invoice is created you have the option to pull in billable expenses on the invoice.

Custom Expense Categories

You define what expense categories your users can use. The custom expenses work well when you have an expense that is unique to your business. You can also add a specific fixed cost to the expense if needed. Default expense categories have already been added, such as mileage, lodging, etc..

Editing an Expense

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